A Very Special Day – A Very Special Woman

Today is a very special day.  A day that comes only once every year but it’s a day that is more special than any…for on this date, my Mom, Linda Docherty, was born.  Today, we celebrate her birthday.

Mom & Me

Mom & Me

Every day, I am thankful she is MY Mom.  She’s my best friend.  She’s always there when I need her, through thick & thin…through good & bad.  There’s nobody in this world who is a better Mom than my Mom is.  She’s kind, caring, and beautiful.

My Mom is one of the most fun-loving people I know. The things that my Mom has done with me provide some of the most amazing memories.  Mom & I have done a lot of things that many moms wouldn’t do with their son.  Let me list just a few of our adventures together:

  • We’ve attended many live WWE shows together…Undertake was always her favorite
  • We’ve attended many Boston Red Sox games at Fenway Park together
  • We’ve watched countless live hockey games
  • We’ve watched the Red Sox win 3 World Series together since 2004
  • We’ve been photographers together at the Adam McQuaid Boston Bruins Stanley Cup celebration
  • We’ve been to Boston Bruins games at the old Boston Garden…including one playoff game we sneaked into!  Shhhhhh!  ;-)
  • We’ve gone to amusement parks and ridden roller coasters and flume rides together.
  • We’ve organized a raft race down the Montague River and Spud Wrestling in 1000 lbs of Mashed Potatoes!
  • We’ve gone water sliding
  • We’ve gone to the Boston July 4th fireworks
  • We’ve hung out in New York City
  • We’ve played pinball at “Fun & Games” arcade in Framingham, Massachusetts (Ski Ball too!)
  • We’ve attended big concerts together (Paula Abdul in Springfield, MA…Black Eyed Peas in Ch’Town, PEI)
  • We’ve gone to a Monster Truck show in Worcester, MA
  • We’ve driven back and forth from PEI to Boston more times than I can count
  • We’ve worked at a horror theme park called Spooky World in Berlin, Massachusetts
  • We’ve worked together at Blockbuster Video in Massachusetts
  • We’ve hitchiked from Marlboro, MA into the city of Boston just to see a Bruins playoff game
  • We’ve organized an effort to save Rainbow Valley amusement park in Cavendish, PEI
Mom & I at Fenway Park for a Red Sox game.

Mom & I at Fenway Park for a Red Sox game.

All of this has happened since I turned 21…..the great times we had before that are far too many to mention.

To put it plainly…my mom is just plain COOL!

So on this fourth day of April, I dedicate this special wish to my Mom, Linda Docherty:

May you have an incredible day with John down in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico.  May it be filled with joy, laughter, and thoughts of our great times together.

My Mom was a Miracle Worker

With little money, she always managed to put clean clothes on my sister, Denise, and I…take a few cans of food and make it seem like a gourmet feast….squeeze her budget so she could buy me that thing I just had to have as a child…She was/is my nurse, teacher, counselor, cook, maid, my best friend..and she still managed to greet the world with a smile every day.  Others may have had more money than we did but…

Nobody had a better mother than MY mother.

Thank you, Mom…for all that you continue to do every day.  I’d be lost without you and I can’t wait for you and John and Chester (and Alicia) to come back home for the summer.

PS:  Keep your iPad on all day!  I’ll Facetime you later today to wish you a Happy Birthday properly!

Happy Birthday Mom!




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